Candidate Materials

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Candidate Handbook Information

The 2022 Candidate Handbook for the Statewide Primary Election is intended to provide general information for candidates and committees and does not have the force and effect of law, regulation, or rule. It is distributed with the understanding that the registrar of voters of the County of Mariposa is not rendering legal advice. The handbook is not to be a substitute for legal counsel for the individual, organization, or candidate using it.

Questions for Candidate Services

If you have general questions for candidate services call 209-966-2007 or email Candidate Services for an appointment.

The Registrar of Voters strongly recommends that any prospective candidate obtain legal advice to assist in complying with applicable California laws, including the elections and government codes.

Candidate Handbook

Candidate Handbook (PDF)

* Note the Complete Handbook is a large document, please be patient this may take a long time to load.


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