Children's Dental Health Program

This is a Mariposa County Dental Health Program for an Mariposa County child under 6 years old.

It is funded by FIRST 5 and implemented by the Mariposa County Health Department.

Qualifying Participants

Mariposa County residents who are under 6 years old.

A smiling child

Program Purpose

The program intends to educate parents on the importance of dental health, so their children can: 

  • Assist with dental treatment, if needed
  • Prevent gum disease
  • Prevent tooth decay
  • Reach their optimum health
Children look a book with an older adult

Program Location

A dental hygienist will visit you!

Program Procedures & Costs

The hygienist will:

  • Demonstrate proper dental hygiene
  • Provide educational materials
  • Provide a toothbrush, floss, dental timer, toothbrush, and calendar
  • Schedule a dental exam with a local dentist

There is no cost to you for this exam.

Dental Visit

At no cost, the dentist will orient children and families to the office, educate as appropriate, and screen if and when the child cooperates.

Urgent Dental Care

For urgent dental care if needed: If neither insurance nor family finances permit, the dentist will bill the Health Department.

Taking Your Child to the Dentist

Your child should see a dentist as soon as their first tooth comes in or by their first birthday, whichever comes first.

After age 2 and beyond, your child should see a dentist every six to twelve months, or as recommended by your child 's dentist.

Purpose of Seeing a Dentist

Germs causing cavities can be present even before the first tooth comes in. Germs are passed from mothers/caregivers to babies through sharing, kissing, etc. At the initial visit, ask about the use of the bottle and the sippy cup; brushing, flossing, fluoride and xylitol use and their benefits; and proper diet low in sugar.

Learn More

Call the Mariposa County Health Department at 209-966-3689 or 800-459-4466, or visit our office. Download our 2015 Dental Brochure (PDF).